Wednesday, August 25, 2004

August 24, 2004

Another boring day in office gone. I cannot imagine how people spend years here like this, maybe they work. Only bright thing in the day was visit to the farmer's market at fisherman's wharf. Its quite a place and the best part is that you can try out so many things, like different cheese, peaches and almost everything. First time I know that there are different types of cheese and they taste different and they are all very expensive. I tried some different type of hummas also today, they are the closest thing to chutney I can think of.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

August 12, 2004

This is another of those saturdays I am spending on office by choice, doing nothing. Though I am not sure why. In the morning I was sitting in my rajai, all nice and cozy, not a thing to do in the world and reading Hitch Hiker's Guide and also contemplating if I should go back to sleep. What a dream weekend, then suddenly it struck me, why not go to office and them gym which is near my office. And here I am, after 1 hr of smelly bus journey, sitting in office, reading my 100 useless mails at orkut, yeah they still do not have a select all and delete button, someone knock some sense in those people.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

August 4th, 2004

Its already August, and there are still 5 more moths I need to spend here, and then guess back on the roads. San Francisco is showing its true colours, its been drizzling, drizzling, foggy, cloud rain, cloudy and all that for more than a week now. Only on sunday did we get a little darshan of sun. I wonder how its going to be in winter. How can people spend their lifes in such climate, this is what I call gloomy (believe me, I do not think that Seattle is at all gloomy), when its cloudy, drizzly and extremely windy all the time, and on top of that the city is so crowded, that u have to literally look straight up to see any sky.