Wednesday, January 31, 2007

still hate it

ok, we found a palce and it looks good, tiny, but ok, there is scope for some light and air sometimes, what more do you want! There is also a closet wow! Now comes the big headache of moving, unpacking. I used to think that unpacking is so much fun, but here, with no space anywhere to keep anything, I am almost dreading taking out my clothes and stuff from the boxes. Maybe this is the time to give everything away that I have been so dearly holding on to.
anyway, so ya, I still hate it here, and even though I am so sick of moving, I sure will be happy to move out of here and back into the dreamland of west coast.
well, after all you do not always get what you want, and sometimes you get it all and just throw it away.
well, what's done is done, there is no point crying over spilled milk, its like another lesson in life for me, never move when you are happy! Now I can just try to make the best of whatever is there, spend the next year or so and look forward to the day when I can leave from here.

Friday, January 26, 2007

something to look fwd to

well, now that we have fixed on the apartment (well, almost, money has not exchanged hands yet), and the apartment has gas stove, I can look fwd to making good rotis on the gas, boil the milk and heat food on the gas which was impossible to do on the electric stoves. neat. Of course I do not have to mention that the apartment is very odly shaped, like a railroad, like you are living in a rail dabba. Kitchen is looong, with little slab space and we might have to keep our shoes in it, or clothes, still deciding on that. Living room is almost unlivable, it will just be a passage to get in and out, its going to need lot of deco skills to make this place nice and to stow away all our belongins in drawers and boxes.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I hate NY

ya, its official, I hate this palce, 1 week of stay and there is not one good thing that I can find here. Its like living in Bombay or Delhi on a low income, without the familiarity of home and convenience of social life and meeting parents, celebrating festivals.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

in New York

ya, left Seattle and moved to NY, and its like a dream, a bad one. I agree that NY sort of grows on you, like a fungus, the fast life, running for train, then running to catch the slow elevator, just running running all the time. There is no realization of when one day ends and other starts, because of course you cannot see the sun set or rise, not because its cloudy like Seattle, but because sky is all covered with concrete, sun does not rise in the east, it may show up somewhere overhead if you can get out into a slightly open space and will disappear overhead too. Like fungus I want this to get off me as soon as possible. Given that I just started here, there is a long way to go. I really miss my 'american' life in Seattle, the boring american way of living with car, wall to wall carpet in apartment, dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer, closets :) Here everything is tiny, old, you need to use all your interior deco skills to stash away your belongings from plain view. The concept of kitchen slab space has not touched this place yet, with so many restaurants, I guess people do not cook here. Microwave, which I thought was as important here as stove, is absent and so is any place to keep it in kithchen. All in all, I still hate it here.

Friday, January 19, 2007

on second thought

Not about leaving Seattle, that would be 100th, but in favour of moving to NY. ya, who am I kidding, I still feel almost the same. But as the clouds of packing tension are clearing, it does not feel that bad, I am almost feeling good about starting out again at a new place, a totally new and different life, and of course living with Rahul again. I think I am sort of done with Seattle, hiked lot of the hikes around here, visited everything drivable from here, even ran the marathon. So now its time to discover the east coast. And I can see dropping of the ball next new year, all the great museums, and Niagara Falls and enjoy some extra sunshine, other bright side, get to wear really good clothes. The way people are dressed on NY streets and even in office, you automatically feel like dressing well. Here it starts seeming pointless after a while. So I can take out all my cute little dresses from box and wear then everyday without feeling over dressed :) And not that I am fond of it, but we can eat out at different place, and good food. After all I loved living and working in SF, so NY should be fun too.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Its time to say goodbye Seattle. Its finally sinkingin that all the fun and masti I had in Seattle is going to be over soon. I always thought myself as a dynamic person who loves to go places and experience different lifestyle. So I should have been super excited to move to a big city, well THE big city. But even after thinking about it for a month and from every angle, I still cannot feel excited about leaving Seattle and living in New York. I had great time here, had almost everything I wanted, car, nice apartment (untill August at least), good friend circle, parties, dancing, hiking, camping blah blah. And to my surprise I am scared to leave it all behind and enter that unknown life like a commoner, no car, crammed living space, no friends, just commute into dirty crowded locals and walks through unsafe streets. At least that is my impression of my future life in New York, and I hope it turns out all wrong. Maybe I am just getting old and resisting the change!! Maybe I just got too comfortable here. Its definitely been one of the best times in my life , and I am going to miss everything about this place, 9 months of rain and cloudy skies, views of Rainier, cascades, olympics, trip to St Helens, 3 months of hiking, camping trips, game nights, pioneer square, saturday night dancing plans, wednesday night salsa plans :), AllGos, marathon, hiking after marathon practice ........ its a long list and probably I am going to miss some of the friends. I consider myself lucky to find good company here for everything I wanted to do, be it running marathon, playing 29, or sneaking off dancing, saturday dinner at temple..... and I don't believe that I am going to get anything even close to this in NY, it just does not happen in this country, people who live in big cities are busy, mean, selfish and what not! Well, the decision is made and I am leaving on Friday, maybe 6 months down the road I will be writing another blog saying how wrong I was, and how much I love NY and I cannot believe I wasted 2 years of my life in Seattle :). Ok that last part is not going to happen, Seattle is going to be my second best city and I am going to miss it for a long time, like I still miss Pune.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The tune of Don

Yesterday finally I watched the new Don. Not that I really wanted to watch it, I am not a fan of remakes and remixes, still the DVD was there and time was also there, so might as well just watch it. The movie was not too good, SRK did not really seem himself. And they tried to copy lot of scenes from the original which did not at all fit in today's context, it really seemed like a patch up work. So now what about the tune, well SRK urf Don stole my cell phone ring tone!!