Tuesday, August 02, 2011

4 months after

Its been 4 months, and a goodish summer. Hiking is exciting again, new places, new things, new challenges. Almost every trail here is either Mt Si or Mailbox peak, nothing less steep. And you don't always go up to see towering Mt Rainier, or snow capped Olympics or North Cascades. But you see something different, or cows, or huts and people etc. etc. I know every hiker's dream!
This place is still no home. Always after a hike I have mental image of reaching my Kirkland home. The cool homely home and am almost disappointed to reach the Thalwil apartment, full of light and hard floor. Oh well! I miss Seattle. When I look at my pictures from Swiss hikes, its feels like a trip. The pictures from Seattle hikes feel like images from home, the familiar, the fun place. I seriously doubt that Zurich will ever become home. It will remain a place where I 'stayed'.