Monday, November 28, 2011

From Berlin to Prague

Took a short bday trip to Berlin and Prague, 2 very interesting and very very different cities, still tied together by common WWII and communist past. While Berlin was a very open city, feels new, filled with interesting new architecture (obvious since it was bombed to ground at end of WWII), Prague feels like a old european city, narrow cobblestone gulleys, stuck together colourful victorian houses. Berlin tells the tale of how cruel humans can be to each other, Prague tells the take of what beautiful things humans can create when they are not busy killing each other! Overall it was a very historic tour, part of history that we just read about.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Fall colours

ok, I have to admit, this is one time when Zurich is really beautiful. More so than Seattle. Of course in Seattle, we have our berry bushes that turn all red and yellow and convert mountain slopes into beautiful canvases of nature. Hiking during that time was such a bliss. But.... it was short lived, 2 - 3 weeks max and then snow took over.
Here, fall happens in the city. There are very few evergreens around. Most of the trees turn red, yellow and orange, and its movie / dream like setting that you get to walk through every day. Its great, fall definitely is so much beautiful here. That combined with dry Oct and Nov means we are still able to hike! +1 for Zurich.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Still hate it here...

...yes. I guess hate is strong, it can only be used for New York. Lets say don't like it here. It will never be home. I guess its all downhill from here. Now this and then India. I am done with all the fun I was suppose to have in a lifetime in Seattle. Now that I have moved, I can totally see there is something about US that everyone wants to live there, and that something is something real. Life is just good and comfortable there. People are nice, make an effort to be nice. People in Europe are just mean (maybe racist or maybe just plain mean). When someone is real nice, I am surprised and then often discover that they are actually American! Especially true at work. If I could, I would move back to Seattle in a heartbeat.

Travelling is great though, but that charm is wearing off now.
Italy was great though, can't complain, especially Sicily!
Off to Berlin and Prague next.