Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Attack of the cows

yes, cows, the very definition of docile attacked us while camping in the mountains this weekend. In the morning we were going about our day, preparing breakfast of milk and granola when I saw one cow walking towards our camping spot very purposefully. I could tell this is not general grazing pattern, but this one is coming towards us. It came and then stood few feet away. I tried to shoo it away with my hiking poles, but it was not scared at all. I tried shouting, no impact. It tried to approach and Rahul tried the same things, then it finally went away. I was like good. Then another came, same behaviour. This one was more persistent though. It walked and stood really close to the tarp and where some of our stuff was. I tried to again scare it with hiking pole, but it was almost following the waving of the pole instead of being scared, which is never a good sign. This one was more persistent and it started going for our stuff - gloves, camera and some other random stuff on the tarp.
Then I pulled the tarp and our breakfast of milk and granola spilled. Then we finally realised - they were after the milk! That small bowl of powdered milk was attracting so much attention from across the hill. Once I knew that, I was like we are toast. There are about a 100 cows in this area and they are huge animals. We have no power over them. It was time to panic. Once the milk spilled, I grabbed all my stuff from the tarp and let them go at it. While they were busy with milk, we quickly drank whatever was remaining in the bowl. I washed it quickly with some water. We shoved everything into our backpacks. I had not packed my backpack this fast before. Soon the cows realised the milk is no good. But they were still confused. Some went for my poles which had some spilled milk on them. I was wearing the milk stained jacket, and I was not going to part with my North Face waterproof jacket for some stupid cows.
Someone we managed to grab all our gear, including the cereal bowl (the $40 titanium kettle!), put it all in the packs, and started walking away. I knew internally that they are not going to follow us, or maybe I did not want to think what we are going to do if they followed us. As we were walking away, I could see more and more cows coming over from other hill. They looked at us walking away but someone did not follow. Faster and faster we climbed, and only when we had put enough distance between them and us that we stopped to catch a breath and take count of our stuff. We had escaped with all limbs intact and all our gear.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Oberlappass - Pazolapass in snow

This weekend I had big plans - hike into a valley behind Overalppass, over a 2400m+ pass, camp in the valley and then out over 2700 Stella pass to Gotthard pass. This was also a perfect weekend for that, warm and sunny. What I totally forgot is the big storm that came Wed - Fri. This storm apparently dumped tonne of snow in the mountains - in middle of July! This became clear as soon as the train stopped at Oberalppass. The snow was visible right at the bottom. This totally made me anxious. We were at about 2000m, and we had planned to go up to 2700m with full 20lb packs. How is that going to happen. At the trail there was a huge map showing the Vier Quelle trail. Unfortunately there was no mention of Tomasee which was our first stop. There were a bunch of people going on this trail, so we started on it too. The trail instantly started climbing steeply and had snow from the start. This was all wrong, the trail was suppose to be flat, slightly downhill for first 2km. Of course I had not noticed that.

This trail was steep, and snow was making it tricky. At least in the morning the snow was hard and it was easy to follow footsteps made by previous hikers. At places the trail was so steep and tricky, I was totally dreading coming down it. When dry it would be fun, but in slushy snow of afternoon it looked very dangerous. I will worry about it on the way down. Up and up we went on this steep trail. On the way we met 2 women coming down, so I asked them about the trail to the lake. They gave us the bad news I was dreading, they had to turn back because the trail was too unsafe at top. Oh well, at least we had to go up to the pass. So up we went. The pass came, and it was 2580m! what! On the day when there was snow everywhere, we climbed extra 200m. It was clear that no one is going to 2700m stella pass. This trail was also going further up to a peak, and then it would drop down to the lake. It would have made a wonderful trail when snowfree, but at this time, the snowy ridge was looking quite unsafe. There was very high chance we would be forced to turn back before the lake.
So now there was difficult decision, keep going up till we can, and hope we reach the lake, or turn back. The only good news of the day was there looked like a long and easy trail down to Naschten train station.

Some people had gone down that trail already, though it was looking quite unused. It was very tempting to go down this trail and put and end to the snowy misery of the day. It was also looking too cold to camp. Decision made, we were free to look at the view. The view was indeed amazing, almost 360. The mountains around were all covered in snow now again. I still could not believe we found so much snow on the trail in middle of July, I was still in shock. We clicked some pictures and then started down. The trail was somewhat clear. Snow had become all slushy at this point and we were sliding all over. Luckily the trail was not very steep and it did not get dangerous at any point. Relaxed, we decided to take a break to eat lunch and enjoy the view. Did I mention it was just amazing. It was long way down, and on the way we kept making plans on how we can still salvage our camping plan and cram in another hike in tomorrow's wonderfully sunny day. Once the snow was over, there was one waterfall to cross. There was lot of water at this point, so I had to remove my shoes and walk though it, reminded me of Iceland.

Finally down to Naschten station, none of our camping plans were working out. So in the end back home, somewhat disappointed, but still feeling like there was not much more we could have done. In the end it was a great day hike, and if we had not had to cancel the camping plan we would have been very happy with the day hike.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Morterasch glacier

This glacier trail has been on my mind since we did the Bernina pass trail last year. The beautiful glacier is visible right from the train and is very inviting. There is a higher trail that leads to a hut at 2500m which gives great view of the glacier, and there is a flatter trail in the valley along the river. Given that it was hot and snow was gone, high trail was clear winner. Its an easy trail, good amount of elevation gain and great views of the glaciers along the Bernina peak and its neighbours. There are couple of nice waterfalls along the way. Some of the trail looked like had suffered recent damage and been rerouted. From the high point we saw people on the lower trail actually touching and walking to the glacier. I guess I would have liked it, but then we would have missed the multiple glacier view from our high perch. Lunch at hut, and then fast way back down, a perfect day.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Lago Tremorgio, Airolo

A simple easy long (±14km) hike in Airolo area. There was a SBB deal with 20% off making this deal very attractive. It looked like a very popular trail, and with SBB deal I was expecting it to be very crowded. But it was not. There were just 3 groups in total. At the bergstation, there was some confusion about where the trail starts. We had to drop down a small hill to a sign that pointed towards the lake. We followed that. On the way were some wonderful views of Gotthard pass and surrounding mountains. The trail felt very long. Once at the highest point of the trail, it drops down quickly to the lake. We had lot of time, so we decided to spend few minutes dipping out feet in the cold lake. Good early season hike.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

A FUN survey about travel motivations

I am conducting a survey on travel motivations of people from different cultures as part of an academic thesis. The survey takes about 5 min to fill. I would be grateful if you can fill it out, and forward it to friends/family who might be interested in travel.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Somewhat disappointment with Zurich Marathon organisation

Little disappointed by Zurich Marathon this year - and I am not talking about the weather, but the organisation. Bottled water! Why? Why? That is so not Swiss to use plastic bottles instead of the usual paper cups. Not to mention it was so hard to drink from the tiny bottle, but the sheer amount of wastage! The finish line was a chaos, spectators completely blocking running track, and sometimes kids getting in the way of runners. And today I read in the newspaper that baggage claim was total chaos too, just 3 volunteers and runners had to wait more than 30min in the cold to get their bags back! Thanks to Asha volunteers our bags were ready as soon as we finished. I hope next year's organisation is better.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Back into running

Back into running again. A bit too late for Zurich marathon, but getting there. Did 4 miles on Sunday, Thalwil -Oberriden and back on Alt langstrasse - the hilly road. It was a good day to run though, perfect temperature.