Monday, May 30, 2011

Unfriendly place

Since I have been here, there was a nagging feeling at back of my head. I could not put my finger on it, but I think I realize it today. I think this place is really unfriendly, people around are not friendly, things are just not nice and comfortable. It just does not seem like a place for a worrier like me. As oppose to US, where I was comfortable and had confidence that things won't go terribly wrong. And here its not. First of all, I have no confidence that even in daily life if I wanted money urgently for something I will get it. Its like bank has locked away my money in name of security. It was not so there. Bank people were nice and friendly and made you believe they are there to help you. While here its like - why r u here, its not our problem. And I believe this easy access to money brought a sense of security with it.
US was probably better place for me, at least this one is not.

Monday, May 23, 2011

We are not from here!

So this 'incident' happened a while ago, around the Royal Wedding time, if u know what i mean. I was in train back to Thalwil, and there were a bunch of Canadians on the train. Teenagerish, definitely college students. I am guessing lost, must have been trying to get to London to attend the 'wedding'. So anyway, these folks were on train, speaking their canadian english, and I was feeling good to finally hear and understand conversations around me and smile at jokes. We are all getting along, and we arrive at Thalwil. This group also wants to get down there, and they are standing in front of train door. Shouting at each other - open the door aye, it does not open aye, what is wrong aye! how are we going to get down aye!

And some of us 'from switzerland' are telling them calmly - you have to press the button, the one that is shinning green. They finally did it. They tell me - "We are not from here, aye, so we are still confused, aye". I was sympathetic, so I told them don't worry, I was doing exact same thing less than a month ago :) How fast we learn!

So why was I reminded of this - bcoz on Sunday I decided to take ferry to Thalwil from Zurich. As I was boarding, there were all these people with maps and camera and what not, 'the tourists'. And I had this funny feeling, I am not a tourist in this very touristy place! I live here every day! how funny is that! Its like living in Switzerland! or Paris!
(we always wondered where do those people go for vacation! Do they just keep visiting each other!)

Monday, May 16, 2011

The machine that keeps your clothes hostage!

Yesterday finally got around to washing my clothes in the machine. As expected, all instructions were in German, but I could manage my way around 20 different programs to find the one that I like. So I put in the clothes, did in-pin-safetypin to put soap in one of the 3 slots, and told the machine to wash for 30min. No response. I tried again. No responsem, except the 30min counter was counting down. There was a coin thingy, so I put 20c in it. No response. So I thought, maybe I asked it to wash 'after' 30 min. I come back after 30 min, and its doing something and saying will take 20 more min. ok. good. I come back after 20 min and its done. wow! that was good. But wait, it won't unlock the door. I cannot take my clothes out. The machine is keeping my clothes hostage. No washing powder has been used either. It just ate the 20c and now wants more if I want my clothes back.
Now I don't know what to do. Give it more money, or just wait till one of us give up. I decided instead to call the neighbours. They were also kind of not sure what is going on, but advised I pay. So I put in another 20c. It started doing some work again. This time using the soap and told me to come back in 20 min. After 20 min, again its the same status. My clothes are still hostage to the machine. So I decided to put in another 10c. This time its rinsing and spinning. ok, that is progress. Spinning is the last state, it has to give my clothes back after that. This time it said come back in 10 min. No way I am leaving my clothes now!
So I wait there for 10 min, watching it rinse and spin. And guess what, after 10 min, exact same status. Still not ready to give my clothes back. I put in abother 10c. This time it said 2 min. I waited 2min and phew finally the door opens.

First time I have seen a machine that kept my clothes hostage till I fed it money.

Monday, May 02, 2011

wowed :)

Finally I saw a view that I had to say wow! while biking down (up?) from office to new apartment. Here I am speeding down a hill, looking at a lake and distant mountain, feeling the usual blessedness that comes from a sunny day! Something was amiss though, did not fit the picture. Then suddenly it hit me! These are not Olympics! These are Alps and that is lake Zurich not Washington! I slammed by brakes, almost toppled over and climbed back for a better view. And wow! The mountains were just sitting there, looking great! They were blurry, distant and not as clear as Olympics on a sunny day, but it was still an awesome view. And I had to say wow! I felt bad for not considering moving to a place further away from office but with such a view. It was almost worth the 40 min a day commute!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

run Thalwil to Enge

Finally moved-moved into the new apartment. Almost saw a good sunrise. The view from apartment is such that you can almost see what you are missing! Still the day was nice and cloudy, temperature perfect (mayvbe tad bit warm) for running. What's the best way to make first commute from new apartment to office - run :). The distance is about 9km, and with rolling hills. I heard that view is good from 'top of the hill'. Of course first had to run up the hill :). And yeah, it was good, folks who live there are lucky! But still it was not so bad, except for one little hill, it was smooth sail in ~1hr. Hoping to bike back. Found a route that almost look devoid of steep hill, we will see. Go SPC!

And my latest favourite Sheldon quote -
“Ah, memory impairment. The free prize at the bottom of every vodka bottle!”