Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Another BDay is here. How much ever I try or want no celebration, let the day pass as a normal day and forget that one more year is over, celebrations just seem to happen in Seattle. Yesterday night Rahul made some cake (Devil's food, yummy) and then some folks came over for mid-night cake cutting.
For tonight I had happened to find a nice Italian restaurant for a quiet dinner for 2. This seemed like one of very few restaurants where i actually would like to go and eat. But when your husband refuses a romantic dinner, you know something is fishy and you hope that its a surprise party with friends!. So ya, a surprise party tonight.
Its fine, its been a good year, mummy finally visited, had a goodish trip with her, pulled off a nice Orlando vacation. Finally moved back to Seattle and getting settled here. Ran Seafair half-marathon. Did quite a few good hikes, including really challenging hoh river backpacking. Broke my hand. In all a ok year I suppose.

Friday, November 21, 2008