Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Kane and Abel - Jeffery Archer

I read this book long back, but my last book reminded me about this one and so the review. This is definately one of the most interesting book that I have read, I would say Archer's best. Story line is great, exciting, very interesting and its again full of surprises. Not too long and I practically read each word with interest.

A must read I would say.

Sons of Fortune - Jeffery Archer

One more of Archer's high profile life stories. The story line is strong and interesting. There are surprises in every corner, typical Archer style. Its a story of twin brothers and has everything in it from making of successful people, to banking, politics, drama, emotion. I won't say that its another Kane and Abel but somwhere not far behind from it.

Weak point: The story seems to be reeeeeeeeeally stretched in the middle, you can skip lot of pages without loosing track of what is happening. That accounts for the 500+ pages. At some point you feel like enough!!, and want to discard it as a boring book, but things get really exciting towards the end and if you have the book in hand, I would say do not give up, read it till the end, very last page.

long time

oh, its been ages since i have been here, and these ages were all a happening period, crazy times. so many things have happened that i might run out of time and space writing about them. In short, I am back to house hunting, this time in mountain view. Finally looking for some Indian company, good Indian food and less boring weekends. And as the time to leave San Francisco is coming closer, I am just loving it more and more here. downtown, high rise buildings, where u literally need to bend over backwards to spot sky, view of ocean from anywhere. oh, its just lovely here. I think everyone should live in San Francisco city atleast once in their lifetime. I still do not know what I am moving away from here!!