Monday, May 22, 2006

Morning, noon and night - Sidney Sheldon

This is a average novel by Sidney Sheldon, or maybe now that I have read so many, he has become predictable. Its kind of a thriller, takes twists and turns Sheldon style, there are surprises in every chapter. If you decide to spend time to read this book, it will not disappoint you.
Like most Sheldon's novels, its the story of a very rich businessman, his childen, out of wedlock (fancy word!) children, story of rich people's greed for money, betrayal and contented lives of not so wealthy.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Surprise Creek - what a surprise!

So after coming back from Inca Trail adventure, I had decided that I was done for the hiking this season. But on Friday after Srijan's mail about going to this wonderful Surprise Creek hike, and Rahul's convincing, I decided to go.
The hike was such a disaster for me. Only after 1/2 a mile of walking we started seeing snow on the path which got deeper and deeper. I was totally scared that either we are going to get lost in the snow or I am going to fall in one of the holes in snow and become a Discovery Channel story. We somehow reached covered a couple of miles, crossing perilious creeks, falling, getting up. Had our lunch at a some point. After lunch we started to climb higher and snow got deeper, that's when I wanted to call it a day, I knew I could not go all the way to the creek, path and time were both against us, and there did not seem much point in climbing any higher. If only we had read this story before, it would have saved lot of trouble.