Friday, July 21, 2006

Sammamish Ridge nightmare

I cannot believe this is happening, or maybe I can, this apartment has been a problem for last one year. I think I had found out quite early that the management is very rude and not at all helpful. But they are also mean and expert in cheating you out of money. Now suddenly I have to pay $1200 rent for August month because I did not send a piece of paper. Does not matter you talk to them, let them know but before they will not say anything. Right after your deadline is passed, they will happily inform you that you were suppose to give a written notice, and now you have to pay some huge rent. I guess that is how these big corporates make their huge profits.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Apartment hunting again

I cannot believe that I am back to apartment hunting. It was such a pain last time that I had decided not to move, but now again I have to move and to a much smaller place. This apartment, Sammamish Ridge, is totally not worth living at such high rates. But I am going to miss the space, open air, especially since I am moving into a basement. I cannot imagine how I am going to pack up everything again. But its probably for the good, I will get rid of lot of stuff and then moving will become easy again. At least I am slowly getting rid of all the furniture.