Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rama II by Arthur C Clarke

After a long time I have read a book which made me get back to my blog and write a review for it. Its a really good science fiction book about visitors from outer space. The first book of the series Rendezvous with Rama did not impress me so much, but this book is full of surprises. For me it was a good change after reading lot of Asimov. The two authors are really different in their approach, while Asimov believes in spreading human race everywhere, Clark (at least in this series) confines human race to solar system and created very highly intelligent extra terrestrials. If you are into scifi, its a must read, reading the first book might help understand this, but if you haven't you are not missing much.


ok, so what is so fascinating about the number 41 (other than that its sort of beginning of mid-life crisis). I was reading Rama II by Arthur C. Clark and came across this great fact about the number 41. Starting from 41, you can create a series of numbers, 41, 43, 47, 53... which are all consecutive primes. The series ends at square of 41, containing exactly 41 numbers!! Numbers just never fail to surprise you.

Monday, February 26, 2007

views, views, views

This weekend was about views. First we went to Raj's 17th floor apartment with its great view of New York skyline and statue of liberty. Ya, on a summer day or night when you can open all windows, it would be a amazing view, and then the river just below the apartment would make a great place for evening walks in summer.
Sunday I made another excursion to a newport 30th floor apartment. This place had amazing view of New York city streets, you can see the 'new york grid' roads going to infinity. Of course this place did not have a view of the river or manhattan skyline, but it reminded me so much of the view from the SF bus when it would be on top of the hill, looking down at the endless downtown streets.
Its amazing how just a couple of streets down from where we live the view and scenery changes so much. I am looking forward to running in that area in summer.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

settling in

well, I can never really use the word "settled" "me" and "new york" in same sentece without a lot of nots and nevers. But anyway, as the fate has thrown me here, I am trying to make the best of it. Went for a walk in the neighbourhood yesterday, not bad, ok place, no Indian store nearby though. Anyway, settling in a bit, at least most of the things are unpacked and I do not have THAT much stuff, it mostly seems to fit in the apartment, given that we don't have any furniture and I don't want to aquire any to save myself trouble of disposing it off when we leave here (wow, what a day that would be). And I also realize that I am a really creative person, using packing boxes to make all sorts of shelves and cabinets etc. Works ok.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Seattle vs New York

and the score is 5000 : 1

uuh, so what did NY do to earn that point, its fabulous, great progress!! Well, it snowed here and life did not stop, roads were not a mess and side walks were walkable, train was running on time. I may be celebrating too early, as we still have a full day of snow to go thru and the story could be really different by EOD. Still, it was nice walking on the snow in the morning, despite the wind and falling wintry mix. Sidewalks were supposedly warmer as there were pipes and trains running under them. That probably made the snow not stick to the ground, but become like a powdery mix, and then there were people clearing the paths in front of their shops, great! The road was ok as it seemed to have been sanded, plus plowed or whatever. It seems that since there was not much snow this winter, all the winter road maintenance crew was charged up to keep the show going thru this storm, at least that's why they said in the news.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No change

in my feelings for NY, still hate it.
Settling down in the apartment has never been more difficult, there is of course just no space to keep everything, I guess everything just needs to sit in boxes till eternity or till I am ready to throw it all out and move back and then start the process of collecting it all again. Ya collecting it all again, so I dispose off everything back in Seattle and now I have to collect everything again or at least some basic things and without car and friends, its just impossible.