Friday, July 08, 2011

Miss you Kirkland!

I really miss everything about my life in Kirkland. I donno what I was thinking when I decided to move. It was so perfect there, almost everything I wanted. I miss my cool apartment, tiny comfy kitchen and 'forces you to relax' furniture. I miss my office, the nice corner desk with view of road, and my own little place. Of course I miss my car :( Shopping at REI :( Salsa, Zumba, swimming, running from one activity to other, not knowing when the day started and when ended. The weekend parties, hiking with friends, Mt Rainier, 520, lake side, a rare view of Mt Baker on runs! It was all just so awesome, so comfortable, people were so great, life was so nice. Any problem there seemed so easy, so solvable.
Its the total opposite here, I hate the place, hate the people, it feels like a hostile environment to live in, apartment is not comfortable, even the walls are harsh rather than the smooth plastered walls of my apartment in Kirkland.
I can't believe I am saying this, but I want to go back, back to the life I loved and end this insanity of moving here :(