Monday, October 17, 2011

This happens only in Switzerland!

So after all my ranting and raving about how I miss Seattle, how Switzerland is horrible! I found one good thing. On Sunday we decided to go hiking to Windgällenhütte (don't try to say it!) or Golzern. I think the place is off the track from Thalwil. So SBB suggested, we take 3 trains and then a bus and then a gandola to get up to Golzernberg to start the hike!
(Thalwil - Zug - Arth-Goldau - Erstfeld - Golzern Talstation - Golzenberg)
I am hike this is crazy! It was suppose to take 1:58 min total, and 4 - 6min to change the trains. But being Switzerland, we could count on trains being on time and making those 4 min connections, and we did, both times while going up there and coming back! Amazing, how things work out when every one and every thing is on time! I have also often made 2 - 3min connections, but making 4 in a row was great! (the train to Erstfeld was 4 min late to start, but I think it caught up or the bus waited!)

Even now, when we hike, something seems always missing. I don't know what it is, company of friends, the feeling of remoteness or whatever. But I get more tired than refreshed on hikes here.