Saturday, September 10, 2011


Finally able to make a trip to Italy. After more than 12hrs of train (including overnight) got to Rome. Spend 2 days here to see all the major sites. I think 4 days is more appropriate time here. We had to cram all site seeing of this ancient city in 2 days and did not get to go to any ancinet museums. Next time probably. An ideal itinerary would be take 2-day open bus tour and see what is there in the city.
Food - suppose to be great here. But we have not yet discovered so. I tasted 2 wines, both definitely good given my selective taste of non-reds. Pizza was good, but can't wait to get to Sicily to taste the real italian food.
Off to Sicily now where Etna is erupting, all fingers crossed to see a good light show and be able to get on the mountain (sort of conflicting wishes!).

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Rahul said...

I think 2 days are sort of enough for Rome! :). 4 is way too much, 3 maybe ok but lengthy.