Friday, February 10, 2012

This feels like home....

Hard to believe! When a year ago I was all ready to leave, I was done with US, it was not home,  it was weird foreign place. But today, after living in Europe for 10 months, when I come back, it actually does feel like home. Right from the car-park garage, to malls, to driving on freeway, to everything else. I had great time here, starting from San Diego. I did everything I wanted to do, I loved my life in Seattle. People just feel familiar and wonderful, they talk the way I am used to, and they understand the way I talk :). Its so great when you can a "free" 1-800 number and they greet you with - "how may I help you", and they end with "Is there anything else I can do for you". Little things, but they seem to matter. Even India feels foreign now compared to US. Of course I know the Indian ways, the society like only a native can know, but the way things have changed in last 10 years, its an adjustment to be there. Here, its like I understand how things work, even though I don't really understand the society and culture (or the lack of it as I say :) ). This world works in mysterious ways!

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