Monday, March 17, 2008

we shall dance ...

My latest resolution in life is to get back to Salsa dancing. Living in New York, it would be a shame to want to learn it and not do it, there are salsa clubs at every corner. I really enjoyed it back in UCSD, then forgot it all, should be easy to pick up. Here is one very close to office.
and there is dancesport
and I am sure many more.

passed deception pass

"hearing the water of sound and the sound of water"
Another day in Seattle. Started be best way it can with a dance party at Trinity club. We had to wait in a line for about an hour to get into the club, it was semi worth it. The music was good, and it was a blast dancing again after such a long time. That's one of the things I definitely miss most about Seattle (though while in Seattle I did not go out that much, still there was a option here). We "danced it out" till 2:30a.m. We were back by almost 3:30, and I was asleep before I hit the pillow. The plan for rest of the day was a hike at Deception Pass. I think I had been there before, but maybe not, I remembered the bridge, maybe the beach, not sure. Anyway, so it was an average Seattle day, very cloudy and not raining yet. The drive was ok, been on that road about 20 times. When we got there, it was kind of cold. Though coming from New York, I did not feel it that cold. The bridge and view from bridge was really good. This is where Puget Sound meets Pacific ocean. It was cold and had started raining by the time we got out. We still managed to hike a bit to a "view point", got all wet. On the way back, we went to Thai Tom for dinner, to go.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ride thru 520 again

ok, so not really nostalgic, because I still believe i never left. But crossing 520 bridge on a super clody day after a long time was nice. On my way to new Google office, I was also driven through salmon bay, fremont area, the places I used to run though more than a year ago. I don't know why, but I do love living in Seattle (or rather love the idea). Its not just social and work life, though they were both great here, but its in the place. Maybe because it was my first real home. But I love the rain and the cloud. Walking down from office, I realized that I actually missed walking in that slight drizzle, under the never breaking canopy of clouds, threatening to soak you at any time, but never actually doing it. Also went and visited the Kirkland waterfront when I first took my telescope out, and where I used to sit early morning to just relax and enjoy moments of solitude, again under a cloudy sky. Oh, well, I will just have to get over it, its like that thing which you know you can have any day, still you cannot have it.


I recently saw this movie "Into the Wild" about this guy in his early 20s who sort of runs away from home to go into the wild, to find solitude. After a year or more of roaming all over US, he ends up in Alaska to spend few months "living off the land", but then ends up being dead of starvation. Other than the "being dead" part, the movie was .... (i don't have the right word for it, something good). I have often wondered what it would be like to just go away for a month, alone, away from work, city and everything that defines our life and try to rediscover yourself. I say a month as I know I definately cannot survive without a purpose for more than a month, I would want to go back to work, talk to friends, watch TV! But can I do it for a month. Can one just disappear, go away, wander around, like take a car and go coast to coast. How hard is that if you have the money and the vacations :) During the Peru trip, I did meet few europeans who had been on vacation for 6 months, roaming all over south america. That's quite close, but can I do it. More importantly would I be let to do it, is that even a valid question? I will definately update the blog if I decided to go away, after all I will take my laptop, and my GPS and cell phone along, and will surely find a way to connect to the net, can't live without my daily e-mail.