Monday, May 02, 2011

wowed :)

Finally I saw a view that I had to say wow! while biking down (up?) from office to new apartment. Here I am speeding down a hill, looking at a lake and distant mountain, feeling the usual blessedness that comes from a sunny day! Something was amiss though, did not fit the picture. Then suddenly it hit me! These are not Olympics! These are Alps and that is lake Zurich not Washington! I slammed by brakes, almost toppled over and climbed back for a better view. And wow! The mountains were just sitting there, looking great! They were blurry, distant and not as clear as Olympics on a sunny day, but it was still an awesome view. And I had to say wow! I felt bad for not considering moving to a place further away from office but with such a view. It was almost worth the 40 min a day commute!


Tulika said...

can't believe folks are up @midnight reading my blog! no, I did not take any picture as picture won't capture remotely what I saw. I will update with couple of hiking pics later. If you are in Seattle, you are not really missing much :(

Sanjukta K Sahoo said...

Tulika, Zurich is awsome. Hope you will fall in love with the city in no time. Are you there by yourself? For how long? Community may not be an easy going things, but the views and place just call yourself into it.

Anonymous said...