Monday, May 16, 2011

The machine that keeps your clothes hostage!

Yesterday finally got around to washing my clothes in the machine. As expected, all instructions were in German, but I could manage my way around 20 different programs to find the one that I like. So I put in the clothes, did in-pin-safetypin to put soap in one of the 3 slots, and told the machine to wash for 30min. No response. I tried again. No responsem, except the 30min counter was counting down. There was a coin thingy, so I put 20c in it. No response. So I thought, maybe I asked it to wash 'after' 30 min. I come back after 30 min, and its doing something and saying will take 20 more min. ok. good. I come back after 20 min and its done. wow! that was good. But wait, it won't unlock the door. I cannot take my clothes out. The machine is keeping my clothes hostage. No washing powder has been used either. It just ate the 20c and now wants more if I want my clothes back.
Now I don't know what to do. Give it more money, or just wait till one of us give up. I decided instead to call the neighbours. They were also kind of not sure what is going on, but advised I pay. So I put in another 20c. It started doing some work again. This time using the soap and told me to come back in 20 min. After 20 min, again its the same status. My clothes are still hostage to the machine. So I decided to put in another 10c. This time its rinsing and spinning. ok, that is progress. Spinning is the last state, it has to give my clothes back after that. This time it said come back in 10 min. No way I am leaving my clothes now!
So I wait there for 10 min, watching it rinse and spin. And guess what, after 10 min, exact same status. Still not ready to give my clothes back. I put in abother 10c. This time it said 2 min. I waited 2min and phew finally the door opens.

First time I have seen a machine that kept my clothes hostage till I fed it money.


jale said...

hahahaha this is too funny. This is why you need sampling - you sample wash a piece of your cloth to determine if the machine can be trusted with all of your clothes! :) jk

And google goggle is perfect for this situation. Give it a try next time.

Tulika said...

I guess I should have 'canaried' it. Except for the coin machine, there was no hint that I needed to give it coins and no mention of how much!
Also after 9 years in US, I notice the missing 'instructions to use' on everything! Can't believe I look for it and feel lost when I don't see!