Saturday, April 16, 2011

1 year commitment to travel on swiss rail

Today finally I went and bought the 1 year half-price swiss rail card. As days go by it feels more and more like I am actually going to be living here. I also went and checked out some bikes and might soon buy a new Swiss (actually German) bike for every day commute. All the talk of travel is so exciting, the reason why I am here :).
Though I still feel that I am here for short time and Seattle is still home. Though actually I am thoroughly confused! Is India home? Is Seattle home? Do I live in Zurich now? Sometimes I wake up and don't know where I am. Yesterday I went to an Indian restaurant, kind of hole in wall, but awesome food. And I felt that I am still sitting in Seattle and then I hear someone speak an incomprehensible language and realize no, its Zurich!
Everything is still strange, but its getting familiar. I am able to understand some German words and my igoogle is also insisting that it should be in German.
ich: hey
Am Samstag um 17:42 gesendet.

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