Monday, April 04, 2011

Day 4 in Zurich

Day 4, Monday, new week, back at work. Still trying to decide if I like it here or not. Its strange, its like I have no feelings about this move. Or that I have strong positive and negative feelings and they have mixed to form a no-feeling zone. Still super excited to be in Europe, to start a new life in country with new language, culture and what not. Of course looking forward to traveling all over Europe. Its exciting, its adventure. At the same time, leave all my friends behind, getting started from scratch in this new place where I don't even speak the language is super scary. Yesterday while walking back from office, I had a strange feeling of loneliness and vulnerability! Its like there was a safety net in Seattle, if something happened to me, there were people there. Here its like there is nobody.

The weekend came and went, and there was no party to plan, no one to talk to. Still hard to justify why I took the big step, but of course deep down I know, I wanted to do this. I needed this change, the sense of adventure, knowing and learning something new to feel alive. I am really going to miss salsa, the weekend parties, the mountains that were always there (just behind the clouds).

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