Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hike, train, bike and marathon weekend

Finally got started on hiking in Zurich. I think Uetliborg does not count like Tiger Mtn does not count in Seattle. But was kind of disappointed, as I had completely different expectations. I was expecting mountains, wilderness, snow covered peaks. But this was more of a urban hike, going through city and little hills. I have a feeling that when it comes to wilderness and real mountains, I will have to lower my expectations here. Seattle and its never ending views of Cascades, Olympics, Rockies, Rainier and all other ranges totally spoil you. I miss that getting out of city and being on mountain feeling here. Maybe I need to get further into real Alps.

The highlight of hike though was train back to Zurich from Brugg. We caught TGV coming from Paris. What a train! Its a bullet! luxury! carpet! I want to go to Paris just for the experience of sitting in that train. Also I have to admit, when we got back into Zurich I had this slight feeling of home!

This was also Zurich marathon weekend. I am sure I could not have run a full marathon this year with all the stuff going on. So that was a good decision. But looking at all returning marathoners in their bright yellow 'finished' shirts, I felt like I really want to run this next year. Timing is also perfect, just getting out of winter, starting summer in super form.

Finally getting around to looking for bike. This is truly a biking country, there are bikes everywhere. Weather definitely favours that, its been sunny 15 of the 17 days I have been here. Will probably end up buying a new very similar bike as I have.

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