Friday, April 22, 2011

One more hike

yeah, well sort of. I am getting disappointed by the state of 'hikes' here. We would never call such things hike. We started on a nice somewhat foresty train (think Tiger mountain), which was ok, but soon there were houses and sheep, which was cute. But then soon there was a road and cars and random people on 'top'. And from there we took a motor road down. Well, my friends, that's not what you call a 'hike'. Its a walk in park with some elevation gain. We did get to see Alps, but there was also civilization in between. Beautiful lake had 2 bridges and houses all around it. Rolling hills were all dotted with houses. You get a much better remote experience on Tiger Mountain. It did not even meet that standard (which is the lowest of any hikes in Seattle). Maybe its too early, maybe I should just appreciate the fact that I am out hiking in sun while its all cloudy and snowy in Seattle. But the scenery needs to get better else I will be packing my bags soon. I don't think I can spend many months without getting away from the civilized concrete world of houses and fences.

Speaking of sun - its way to strong here. I was completely dehydrated yesterday and its suppose to be spring! what's with that!

PS: I do have pictures from hike, I will post soon. Right now I dont' have internet at apartment.

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