Monday, April 18, 2011

funf minute!

I forgot to mention another exciting moment. When I was coming back from signing lease for new apartment (oh! I found an apartment! if it was a surprise to you, pay attention!), I stopped at the bus stop to see when was the bus to train station. There was a very old lady there, she was looking at me with interest. I saw the timetable and then looked at my no-watch wrist (yeah, I live in Switzerland and don't own a watch. (Oh! wait! did I just say I 'live' in Switzerland!!)) [back to point].
So I looked and obviously did not find the time. The lady who was looking at me with interest said - "sthg sthg auto sthg funf minute sthg sthg sthg", and guess what! I understood she is saying the bus will be here in 5 minutes. Then she also said "die post", and then I was all confused! But I got it!
It was a Dei Post bus and it came in 5 minutes! woo hoo! Of course I still have no idea what all the other things she said, but I did get 5 words!

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