Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12 days

ok, 12 days as no significance, but its just that I am finally feeling like I am indeed living here and its going to be good. (fingers crossed). In office there is an actual Indian chef who makes real Indian food. Its so awesome! So much better food than what I got in Kirkland, and of course I have already mentioned the quality of food here, no fake GM stuff.

Also went to an 'actual' authentic Indian (Sri Lankan actually) place. Of course I had samosa because I can't make them and they were not good. But the person I went with had idiappam, real good iddiappam with nice daal and what not. Totally unexpected. I had thought here you will get an even worse imitation of Indian food, but it turned quite different.

Apartment also I think mostly resolved. Whoever said getting apartment here is hard. It did turn out to be ok, just complicated by the fact that I was too scared that I am not going to find anything.

People are definitely nicer, rather more genuine. In US everyone around you was friendly. Which was good, I have met some kinda mean people here. But then folks who act friendly are genuinely friendly. Almost daily I am surprised by generosity of my teams here - genuinely interested if I found an apartment, if I need help with German, even accompany me to see apartment! Its just not the same in US. And as I learn more things, it feels its really half way between India and US, so many things are so India like here, still its so different from India.

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